I’m sorry if I’m crying while you’re smiling my love
I hope it don’t make you too mad
It’s just my mind went wandering to tears in the past
And now hear we are together and I’m a very happy man

I remember the sight, you walking my way all dressed in white
In front of me with your daddy at your side, wiped a tear from my eye
Then we started year two, blow to blow we knew the honeymoon was through
I remember thinking times if I was a leaving type, I’d be leaving you right

Taken through a trial or two, goodbye to friends and ol’ Chuey too
And the surprise baby well you came crying to me saying, “what are we gonna do?”
Oh my love, oh my love, oh you know your heart is my home, oh oh my love…yeah

And when my body takes a bow and I leave you my dear and I sail through the clouds
I’ll be singing where the tears are all dry, but you know I’m gonna sneak away and come down to say


Hold that bottle up to your ear, Oh me oh my oh my way
A porch in the sun is what you’re gonna hear, Oh my my oh me oh my way
A little hustle and what do you know, You could chase me but you too slow
Cold hearts in my way, cold hearts send away, cold hearts in my way
I’m gonna feel the love every day, Hey hey na na Hey hey na na I’m gonna feel the love every day
I got a wasted table in the sand, so hold your hearts and hold your hands
She got the moon and she got the sun, Faster faster I’m learning to run
No wrongs in my way, no wrongs send away, no wrongs in my way
I’m gonna feel the love every day, Hey hey na na Hey hey na na I’m gonna feel the love every day

I heard you ran the temple steps, I heard you screamed and then you left,
I heard you swam the ocean cold, to find your head to save your soul
But when the warm wind blows and the sun sinks low I can see so clearly in your eyes
We shall rise again and hold our hands and know everything is alright
And we shall find our way out tonight
Oh now limp I go as the waves they roll, rhyme and reason for now I forego
For there are things we are not meant to know, the lover and loser together we stroll
The lights still on for you my love
No matter how many days have gone by
So when you’re out there love and you’re on your own, if you lift your head and see you’re all along
You can see standing those twelve stones, I placed one there not too long ago

When I awoke I set out to save the town, but on the front porch I stumbled I went down
Dusted me off said fine I’ll be rich but they laughed right through my sorry sales pitch
But I’ve always been alright with a guitar in one hand
Other one serving the best rum punch you ever had, all I know my love give it away
So I’m gonna give it all up and fill my cup, today
Oh I knew a pretty girl together meant to be
But when my friend asked I said what a nice “whoa” and she was standing behind me
So I left to live like Lonesome Shorty did, but lonesomeness got lonely so back I went
But I’ve always been alright with a guitar in one hand
Other one serving the making best mojito you ever had, all I know my love give it away
So I’m gonna give it all up and fill my cup, today
Now don’t get me wrong still gonna save what I can do
And make enough coin to buy a banana or two
And turns out that girl, well she’s got a thing for fools
So easy I go as this life I go through
‘Cause I’ve always been alright with a guitar in one hand
Other one shaking best damn margarita you ever had, all I know my love give it away
So I’m gonna give it all up and fill my cup, today

I believe in this road we’re on, but grace going nearly gone,
Days are quick and these nights getting long
I see you wonder if you will sit alone, my heart’s always with you but I fail with my skin and bones
Great lights in darkness have been shown
I hear you laughing still, oh conquer worlds we will
Warmer waters are waiting near for us, but leave right now my dear we must
For I fear our love grows cold, but if we go we will save our weary souls
Oh cling to me promise you will, as we travel through these valleys and hills
When all is said and done I will seek your name still
For love is no grandstand nor a pocket piece, when my hands are not dirty it shakes me to my knees
And all the world sees, that it’s gone from me
My heart and my soul are home in your eyes, so bring just yourself leave the rest behind
This body of mine oh it would move a mountain for that body of yours shining in the ocean
I hear you laughing still, conquer worlds we will

As the night closes down, and morning light breaks the crowd
All we’ve know rewinds loudly in our heads
It’s nights like these when life roars and rumbles
Times like these when oceans can be humbled
And you feel your lost but you feel your found again
So we believe what we’ve heard, Yes we believe what they say
That time she takes what’s hers, and these days they go away, they go away

I see the crowns and thorns see the bold and the shy, and it holds me
I see the years and hearts see my home in your eyes, and it haunts me
So we rise up high and laugh in the thunder and we hold on tight to world spinning under
For we hear we’re lost but we hear we’re found again
So we hold our heads up as we go

I can see the light glowing around your skin and hurrying down your side
Tangerines floating by the boat but no safety no safety in sight
But it’s alright, yeah it’s alright
For all the ghosts and thieves that I’ve know you’d think I’d know wrong from right
And when that river is all that I have may my heart no grip it not tight
So hold my hand my dear all we want is near
I’m with you and you here with me, The sun sets low and the days are free
At the wasted table I saw angels dance so I held my hands high
And in the sand I may never know what’s real but when I hear those old pipes
Yeah I’m alright, it’s alright
No no I’m not sure that fire always burns or the world always turns in favor of the righteous
Oh but I’m sure one thing’s for sure when step follows step you’re alive
When the cold night breathes it will leave no stain on me
When the cold night breathes it will leave no stain on me

Body broke, spirit choked, I tore through the air then was suddenly soaked
And I can feel the tide turning on me
Oh simple sheep, my heart and feet, they fall into line when devils they speak
And I can feel you closing in on me
I hear the voice up in my head say that I’m down got nothing left
But I hear a voice coming up instead you take what you want but you won’t get the best
You think you got me now, you think you got me now, you think you got me now
But hear I go I’m on my way
You think you got me now, you think you got me now, you think you got me now
But watch me now there’s more I got to go

My muddled mind tangled and tied, looking for what’s mine mine mine in the night
But the break, it crashes farther and farther each time
Whoa I’ve got a good wayward heart I’ve got a good wayward soul
I’ve been there before I know what I know
That the way that I am walking it’s scattered with gold
And I get what I got what I own
I hear the voice up in my head say that I’m done I’m good as dead
But I hear a voice coming up instead you take what you want but my soul will be left
You run you run you run around taking, time and a time again I barely make it
Away alive alive but now I’m waking up, and I know that you won’t get the best

Well I knew the host and I knew the coast, and I knew the way to be a making it the most
‘Til I bumped my head with a woman who said I’m sorry little darling but you’re moving to fast now
Oh my oh, oh my my, she splashed the water up in my eyes, and I could finally see right
That in a minute oh all we’ve been given will be up for grabs by those who can get it
And when the cup that I’m holding isn’t overflowing oh that’s when I’m feeling like lowering down
But now I rise and I feel all the waves at my feet and you at my side, yeah you know why
‘Cause we’ve got just a little bit of time to feel the sun coming over our shoulders
Yes just a little bit of time to love you ‘til the days are over
So let your light shine bright child, your heart already knows where your feet should go

Now I believe you were sent to me, sent for a little bit of rescue and remedy
Of my self and of my soul, of all my hurries of all my worries oh,
But now I go, with a drum to beat down the open road, yes I go

You could hold your heart at the start of the day and fill it to the top if your worries oh you let them go
You could be the hut made of sticks and clay but love fills it up if your fears oh you let them go
Come now darling, come away we go away we go away we go

I was gone, gone with ghosts who wander with lust they laugh and they boast
And I don’t know how much longer I can run but I know, I know you have been the one
And I recall that warm night when you came close to me so close so tight
And I don’t know when I stopped being young, but I know I know you have been the one
And when I go away your heart can hear me still
And when I go away oh be with you I will
And if you wait for me I know you’ll see
That time is our friend we’ll be together in the end
Eh –eh – eh- end
Well I was broke and comfort she gave, but on the cold floor I stayed
For I remember your body in the sun and I know I know that you have been the one
And every blind and crooked turn I’ve made, well I’ve walked the line and from the line I’ve swayed
And I don’t know if I’m losing or if I’ve won, but I know I know that you have been the one
When the wind well it whispered your name and I found myself in the company of shame
Well I climbed and crawled to be where you are, but the journey it fought back and proved too far
So I laid me down my spirit it rose, and when I see my Lord and he just welcomes me home
He says one last wish I’ll grant you my son, and that’s when you’ll know that you have been the one

I went wandering down wild road to see the heights and below
All the world unwound right at my feet, said son take good notes of what you see
I saw the prophets and the peasants in line, I saw the wreckage that we build so high
And I heard hoorays coming everywhere then heard them disappear
And I met the man who raised his glass every time
His so-called simple life that’s so profound to me
I know the belly of the beast, throw my soul to the open sea
When the night is all I see, if I hear my name I’ll go
I found the dancers and they asked me to play, I heard the judge give and take it away
So long so long the lonely night seemed to stay
Something sweet she asks to chase that drink that’s lost
Gladly please but pay you know everything comes with a cost
I feel the fire and it’s starting to burn
I feel desire and it’s making me turn (x4)
And to that man that I met with the so-called simple life
I can still see him raising his glass so high every time, now I raise mine

Hold on tight, hold on tight, so changes again life
Hold on tight, hold on tight, so changes again life
On my knees, hold me please, kneel down, next to me
For loss surrounds, face to the ground, for lift your eyes, you will see
That heights fall down before lights will go out
And the road that winds rarely shows
So I will hope in the night, not a thing as my guide
But the hearts and grace as we go, so we go
Hallelujah oh my soul in the dark I’m in your arms
Hallelujah oh my soul you lead me home when the road seems so far
So hold, hold me close, I shall grip no longer reigns
Hold, hold me close, for the wicked speak my name
When my might is come and gone you must lift me up again
Hold, hold me close I shall lift your name, Hold
Hallelujah oh my soul in the dark I’m in your arms
Hallelujah oh my soul you lead me home when the road seems so far
Hallelujah oh my soul I will walk in the end
Hallelujah oh my soul you lead me home when the road seems so far


 Take Our Turn

Looking down a young man’s seen wanting what’s past everything he takes a knee to pray a father trains his king to be but it’s the night that he runs free he walks along castle walls and looks upon and there he’d give up it all We lay our burdens down Lord we burn ‘em to the ground We take our turn and die for our souls to come alive He found himself in foreign land no one else with him to stand but the madman the drunkard and he together they went traveling on singing friends we have become he turns to the call he gave up it all....He remembers this one time when he saw a small child for one moment give one one small smile and he thought that maybe that maybe the smile was meant for him that the smile was meant for him…..

The Road It Stopped

Well the days go by and want we still our chance until the end of time with the beggars and broken and kings we take aim and measure all the same while looking down the road we take a bow and off we go Well the olden man with the toothless grin said he’s lived in love and lived in sin he warned us not to go where he’s been the old man limps the road then he takes a bow and off he goes Then the road it stopped and we came to a mount and we climbed to the top to look all around we saw the world and all it owns but no path to lead us home Well the river it rolls black and slow through all ages and through all souls with more sorrow it’s thickness grows the river stained the road then it takes a bow and off it goes….

Better Man

When we landed at your town wanting haven for our souls you came out to meet and your beauty baffled me let me be the one to take I said with no chivalry but then the sun is always in my eyes you asked of me will I cherish you with all I am and I have but all I had went to wine and wandering so riches I will need and without a word I knew I had to leave but you you have not a clue what your beauty do do to me deep through me I run where you can be found once again again Awash in a world unforgiving it takes it’s tolls on everything but if you wait for me I’ll return for thee and I swear a better man better man I’ll be After traveling so long I was coming back to you with fortune of my own and I could hardly wait to lay it at your feet to celebrate I guzzled down deep my drinks the sun is always in my eyes drunken I stumbled on to shore and shouted out your name you asked of me will I cherish you but straight I could not see so without a word I knew I had to leave….You might lead me to where the breathless lay or below where the broken forever remain….

I Ride On

I ride on through the open waves I go with others the same from town to town not lost nor found but I ride these waters til I drown well the first place said be one of us the second one charmed us with destinies lust the next place temped with riches and rest only for happiness this life at best And I ride on through the wind and the rain with a smile on my face though the seas rip and they roar but it’s better than dying upon this safen shore I could hear as the currents they swelled we awoke and we gazed upon ourselves behold the red sky all we must leave to take to the next hope we see another land we came to and entered in we prayed for countenance rest on us then they came in kindness but took us away still through the madness we laughed more insane…. They brought us to the man to the leader of the land who lead his people with a reckless hand he said come here I hear you can play so make me now dance or it’s your last living day So we played and they danced…. And the king he bid us to stay said he’d give us all we wanted today she stood there her eyes they sang perhaps tis right to want to stay but kindly I denied and I cursed and I cried these words goodbye….

One More Round

Bimba and I drink our gifiti upon our palm tree watching the day disappear on the sea we rise to our feet you can hear in the distance the stirring sounds of the drummers and jokers coming into town everyone came out as the drums grew loud the bottles were full to send off a soul the only way we know and the drummers they came and Binba he raised his arms to speak he said good health to all and good health to me And we danced all around like crazy we did and we drank one more round and we drank again Some devils came to take us away but the drummers they wouldn’t cease so we yelled louder and they pounded prouder and the devils let us be…. And we drank one more for the blessings we may find and we drank one more for the trials left behind and we drank one more for those come and gone and we drank one more and pledged to carry on….

Going Away

Going away ay ay gone to better day It was the most courageous death I ever did see the way you stumbled toward me oh you billowed and banished all fear by the bones of grace so near Oh tell me tell me what you see when you’re up in a better day Oh tell me tell me what you found when you’re up let it come down I felt your humble I felt your pride as you laid to rest at my side oh no you will not be left behind oh no you will not seek and not find…. And when you’re up all my dreams are what you see….And when the last become first Oh I pray please Father to put us both last in line to reacquaint one more time….


Yesterday I was sleeping yesterday one foot in my grave but today is when I wake up yes today is when I dance away Cantare of the deepest cantare of all that has been shown cantare in my weakness cantare when we dance alone I see the writing writing on the walls our days here are numbered soon we all shall fall so let us find what’s worthy let the search begin we have not been forgiven we have not given in Yesterday I was sleeping yesterday one foot in my grave but today is when I wake up yes today is when I dance away….Yesterday I rested in my grave and waited for the devils to come and take me but then today I woke up to my soul You sang and I danced away away….

Last Journey

My last journey now I do begin I stare into tomorrow account for what’s been I claim I’ll be going with arms open wide but it’s my love who lingers in my mind like a boy who been down low no he don’t know where the captain goes but the captain brings him up to show the endless sea then he sends him back below I can hear the choir lifting high I can hear the sky begin to fly down to the south to the warmer days and they go ay ay ay ay Oh then I loved oh then I loved I sat as the preachers preached I laughed as the drinkers drinked how well when she blessed my eyes Here I’m bound for the promised land who shall come and go with me friends but be still my love and dry your tears for me we’ll love until I leave The captain said come up boy and take your rightful place by my side until the end of time and leave it all behind ay the parade now plays ay all has come today ay be we may we never end but will the twilight of all I remember just a turn in the map that if anything oh wildly unknown but to you my love I’ve given my soul….My love I’ll climb and I’ll crawl to you my love I’ll fight all I’m let to do my love I’ll beg to God to wait for you Oh then I loved oh then I loved….My love your heart will keep beating on my love I’ll run to you all I can my love to try to touch your hand again….

Wonderful Thing

Something beautiful came skipping by on a boy’s reflective rest just to taunt his one request to give some beauty back and he heard perfection had another perfect line to read sent deep places wandering to where heaven and wanting meet and he opened his arms to catch whatever comes his way while looking me straight in the eyes to say Oh and we walk in the hills and we wait for another clue in the calm for us to take to put together all the moments all that’s been moving if I only had what I always see then there just might be one wonderful thing just one wonderful thing I sat to see one man’s dream it made a thousand people cry it had a thousand lips recite the words formed in his hands so I jumped behind him and he took the reigns and he lead the way to his numbing normal life and we sat I poured him tea but my cup remained empty….And dismay came knocking on my door again today just happening by this way but I had nothing much to say so I slammed the door but then I had nothing much to lose so I laced up my lucky shoes and I asked dismay to dance and the piper he pipes his distant tune but my story has yet to come true….

You Will Be

When night lowers down and the cold all surrounds when death teases in the veins the hall narrows and claims sorrow but no sorrow it’s hope that will lastly say You will be you will be like a soldier set free you will be you will be upon your Father’s knee you will be you will be you will be When steps become crawls or no legs at all and the harbor seems miles and miles away when the skin no longer taught and the mind’s wits are not and the cloud confused the shame….And when the trumpet blows we will lift our head and know that the One is coming to take us home….The war at hand of what can be seen and what can’t and those that never had a chance we will gather at the sound of the glory sailing down oh let the wonder begin You will be you will be like a soldier se free you will be you will be in eternity you will be you will be you will be….

Hard Rain
(Lyrics by Bob Dylan)

Oh where have you been, my blue-eyed son Oh where have you been, my darling young one I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains I've walked and I've crawled on six crooked highways I've stepped in the middle of seven sad forests I've been out in front of a dozen dead oceans I've been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard
And it's a hard it’s a hard rain it’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall what did you see my blue-eyed son Oh what did you see my darling young one I saw a newborn baby with hungry wolves all around it I saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it I saw a black branch with blood that kept dripping I saw a room full of men with their hammers all a-bleeding I saw a white ladder all covered with water I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children….. And what did you hear, my blue-eyed son And what did you hear, my darling young one I heard the sound of a thunder, it roared out a warning Heard the roar of a wave that could drown the whole world Heard one hundred drummers whose hands were a-blazing Heard ten thousand whispering and nobody listening Heard one person starve I heard many people laughing Heard the song of a poet who died in the gutter
Heard the sound of a clown who cried in the alley….Oh, who did you meet, my blue-eyed son Who did you meet, my darling young one I met a young child beside a dead pony I met a white man who walked a black dog I met a young woman whose body was burning I met a young girl she gave me a rainbow I met one man who was wounded in love I met another man who was wounded with hatred…. Oh, what'll you do now my blue-eyed son Oh, what'll you do now my darling young one I'm going back out before the rain starts a-falling and I'll walk to the depths of the deepest black forest Where the people are many and their hands are all empty Where the pellets of poison are flooding their waters Where the executioner's face is always well hidden Where hunger is ugly, where souls are forgotten Where black is the color where none is the number And I'll tell it and think it and I’ll speak it and I’ll breathe it And I’ll reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it Then I'll stand on the ocean until I start sinking But I'll know my song well before I start singing….



Well I can’t understand all the things that I’ve seen
But to understand still be tugging at me
I will follow, answer there must be
All my fears and uncertainties be set free

Be Set Free More And More

Carry On
I’ve seen you from afar, I’ve come a long way
All friends and foes stay, I pray
That wisdom is not far from the shores of the africas and ithacas

You hear the stones cry, it could be your time
But the people in the road no they won’t let you bye
Finally love, finally love, finally the people they pass by

If I only, only knew all the things of this world I’d surely tell you
If I could only, only do all the things of this world I’d do them for you

Water, smoke, words, skin all do speak again of what’s worth
Revealing and what to discover
One way to the west or to the east, what you chose one way will know

A burning bush we dance in bare feet and find the meaning in all of our dreams
Carry on, Carry on, Carry on in


Hey a dark man he leads down the sand and walks on water out to the island
Find me or find me more, you hear the sounds follow them through the door
Looking in, crazy view, could be myth, could be true, every way, every one,
Tempting with the sweetest song. To the front back, look act, gotta go for one so did a tap tap, to the dance to the joy, wanna go wanna stay wanna wait too late boy,
What you chose one way will know

Let Her Fly
I’m looking over and she caught me thinking through the late moon,
What I follow her every time is with a sweet tune
We had ourselves one perfect night
And her dance took me up into the highest tree
Is where she left me, with a burning drink that I’ll chase with a dream
But even from the sky you can see in her eyes she just might need a little of her own time

But I want to, take her on many trips around the world
But I want to, give her gifts of gold pillows of pearls
And I want to, be the one she can call when she’s got to cry
But I know I, got to let go of the girl and let her fly

Let her Fly

And she comes to me with her body so tenderly she thinks that it might be
Something like if the end was known but the right way to get there has yet to be shown
Well then can I go help find the prize ‘cause I’ll go once and I’ll go twice
But the wake up shake up said she got to make up what her soul wants or never had inside

But I want to, watch our shadows dancing on the walls
But I want to, be somewhere beneath her when she falls,
And I want to understand why she always stares up in the sky
But I know I, got to let go of the girl and let her fly

Let Her Fly

What tomorrow bring, I hope everything
What tomorrow bring my way
Oh, can it be, Oh you and me
Can tomorrow be the same today

But I want to give her lips so soft whatever they need
But I want to holing her be scared of thinking of what we might be
And I want to know her laugh and love are all nearby
But I know I got to let go of the girl and let her fly

You walked in into the night but we both know that you must fly
I walked in into the night but we both know that you must fly

Two Drinks
And the lost noise is loud i see broad shoulders have left with the crowd Come gather round silent stories unsung but never to be forgotten ones Take a seat for a while unbind the role which quiets down the learned child So many times the stories stuck again lost to an early end the golden guides out of sight But two drinks from beneath in the deep we will drown new findings surround the way you think on from this time The fortune’s view is open here and it says

That no one has ever gone so far to see where you hide
But here we are tonight awakening waiting just outside Who knows what waits within the shadows to light

Can i follow your feet who will try with more of you to meet Trying to find the time to pry beyond a simple name Where do you go Where do you gaze ….

Always Remain
and i swear it’s never been this cold while hope lingers in your warm soul
Holding yet slipping to the stories you’ve been missing You’re wishing high wishful eyed weary low weary mind holding past distant tight
Here we will see just how low a times trust goes
Hand to cheek takes all we know and throws it so out of place
And we will follow

Always remain in love you are so unafraid and dream your tomorrow will stay Will you always remain

Well the winds are whispering warning against your own way but you seem to let love lead the way
Oh take my tin body along your sweet road
You see i am just a poor boy just another boy i could have been a joy but i missed the choice
Steal away and no one will know where your thoughts have been again
Please don’t go cause if you do then who will ever dream so loud through all the tears and ungodly blows
And we will follow ….


Can i see what will be and who will watch another leave Believe in what you believe if for nothing else for a fool like me ….

One Day
Be my wonder Be my water Be my Beauty Be my song so strong
Be my shelter Be my soldier Become all I ever need

I’m walking by and I asked is it true what they said that where this path will come to end, I hear there’s an open view to meet so please won’t you tell my tired feet
See my stories not so hard to tell I’ve just been swimming from swell to swell
Just to go by just to tip-toe by been brought here but I really don’t know why

Be my wonder Be my water Be my Beauty Be my song so strong
Be my shelter Be my soldier Become all I ever need

So tell me tell me oh is it so I hear there’s a splendid scene to hold
But my fear’s they just won’t go that silent secrets sink untold
And is there something that’s so high under which no love can hide
And all these things which are all untold all come untied

All the love I seek it’s gonna be one day
All the songs I sing it’s gonna be one day
All I’m looking for it’s gonna be one day
And my heart meets home it’s gonna be one day

Well, I hit the bottom of the bottle and my burden is this burning sorrow I have seen the world with it’s many problems
And I try with many but but have failed to solve them
But I don’t be done until the days are gone I’m gonna keep the path I’ll be pressing on
And I look to You ‘cause You’re the one who can give me more, Ya give me more Ya give me more love

You Crazy Thing
You Crazy Thing, oh how you mesmerize me,
But you crazy thing, oh how you compromise me
I’ve been so late I’ve been so late I’ve been so lately lost
In your sweet ways

You sweetest thing, oh how you tantalize me,
But you sweetest thing, oh how you victimize me,
Baile con mi baile con mi baile conmigo
And lift me high

I’ve been running back you turn away
And when i turn my back you reach for me
All these questions turn turning in my head
As the clouds continue to taunt in grey

You lovely thing, oh it’s just love we seek
But you wicked thing, oh in your riddles speak
Confusion my mind is gone but we keep going on
And on and on

I will learn when to let love cry
And I will learn when to hold on tight
And give it time, and do it right
For you and I

I’ve been running back you turn away
And when i turn my back you reach for me
Though I try to fight no I don’t know why
All of your ways keep chasing me

Rain & Sea
Poets stir while seeking stillness Dreamers toss while searching sleep Those who cleave are still craving They who wander some now weep But if thy sweetness permit me to say With these friends i wish not to lay For i have been stirred my sleep awoke Now i wander with words you’ve spoke
A boy become am i to swim among your sea of love Casting touch and fire for you and me me and you Sadness slips in with the rain steal my song steal away oh steal away But don’t you let yourself hide from me Don’t you let me retreat on the waves
Forty years i have wandered more to walk along your secret shores Your dark skin it lights my way to follow to where passion plays Dip your cup in to my soul drink from yours take my time Mouth perched my small pleasure Let me lift you off your feet
Wanting waves step in to commit to better fit they melt their space til bodies brace step away come and chase Abundant blend turn again the world around unseen Let the dream slide down your side to gripping hands
We use to run but now we dance upon it We use to laugh but here now we cry We use to fall but now we dance upon it We use to cry but here now we laugh

Raise 'Em High
If you happen to be here in this land the only thing people here seem to understand is that
Everybody’s got a face to find and everyone’s got a portrait defined, oh now
With a love and now with a loss and now with a laugh carry your cross
And you can give to the righteous all you’ve done today but when you’re here all that goodness will just wash away
And if you should come across a cup oh will you please pass it to me

Everyone who’s passing by, Everybody’s come to raise them high
And all who come to this land of life, all have to come to raise them high

Brother brother you have so good to me, sister I can see we need your sympathy, yes I believe in your sympathy in what I’m seeing and now I’m leaving my wordly desires and worries behind in hopes of a land like this we can find

Well there’s a couple clumsy ghosts both now talking down by the waterside
One takes the good and the other gonna let the tender image
Come and try and now seize the mind, and then take delight in knowing that tonight
The drink is the lover the music the cover that heals the wounds and worries of another, of each other
My brother starts to sing a song I remember so I sing along

Everyone who’s passing by, Everybody’s come to raise them high
And all who come to this land of life, all have to come to raise them high

Well I have tried to be, tried to be like an island
And I have tried to live, tried to live in the silence
But now I’ve seen too much, I’ve seen too much
And if you should see heaven well I’d sure like to see that